The Simple Benefits of Homoeopathy

The great advantage of the homoeopathic approach is that it offers true independence. The responsibility for a person’s health is given not to the drugs, nor the practitioner, but back to the patient. This is because, as we have seen, any improvement that takes place following homoeopathic treatment is only a result of the body’s dynamic reaction to the remedy, rather than to any direct chemical action by that remedy upon the body. The remedy is merely a catalyst: - it lights the fuse!

The great benefit of homoeopathy then, is its capacity to stimulate and empower the body to heal itself. It offers the possibility of a gentle, natural and reliable improvement in the patient’s symptoms, with a corresponding increase in vitality and well-being. This explains the remarkable durability of homoeopathy over two centuries.

Since its discovery over 200 years ago, homoeopathy has restored hundreds of thousands of patients back to health, in many cases delivering rapid, gentle and durable cures where conventional medicine had quite simply failed. To those patients who have experienced a radical improvement after homoeopathy, it can seem as if our remedies are somehow able to reach the parts that other medicines cannot reach. This is because, when a remedy is correctly chosen, the benefit is felt, not just in the knee, the abdomen or the elbow, but throughout the whole person.